Takotsubo cardiomyopathy also known as broken heart syndrome. During this syndrome the heart changes shape due to emotional stress or loss of a loved one or grief. On the other hand, Oxytocin, or as it’s known, the love hormone, brings Happiness and Joy into our lives and corrects the shape of the Heart. 

How intelligent is that! Our Heart will change shape and malfunction when it’s emotionally broken or hurt. 

Yet, most people listen to their brain. They follow their brains logic, irrespective of how that might feel. The same brains that hijack our emotional well-being for its own egotistical survival and projected gain.  

Why not change the way we think and instead of thinking alone, allow that thought drop down from the thinking brain down into our heart. In the transition from thinking to feeling something else happens. We acquire wisdom. 

The acquisition of wisdom starts in the thinking brain. The information is listened to, and processed by the brain. This is the home of knowledge. But when we are open to feel, that knowledge flows into the Third Eye, it flows from there to the Throat Chakra where it can be verbalised or communicated, from there it flows into the heart space. Into the heart Chakra where it is filtered and processed and evolves as wisdom. It is in this heart felt wisdom we know truth. The real sense of knowing.  

Follow our Heart. Trust our Heart. As our Hearts will never let us down or lead us astray. Remember our hearts have  pumped blood and oxygen around our body from before we were born. 

Our Heart has Never stoped. It beats around 100,000 beats a day. 365 days a year. Never letting us down. Never resting. Always beating. Always providing us with life. 

And yet, we seem to be convinced that it’s our brains that matter. As human beings we can remain alive and be brain dead, but in death, it is our Heart that is the last organ to cease functioning.

What might happen if you choose to trust your Heart?  What might other people think of you?  How difficult might it be to be at one with your Heart?  I don’t know the answers for you. I only have the answer for me. 

It is our Heart that has the wisdom. Our Heart that holds the Love. It is our Herat that holds Life. Not the brain. The brain thinks it holds power. Power is truth. Power is Love. Our Heart holds both truth and love. 

Trust your Heart. Listen to its wisdom. 

David Ellis