Introduction on How to Read Body Language

This course is an introduction on How to Read Body Language has one module to be completed over a one-month period, the time can be extended.

An introduction on how to Read Body Language

Accredited?  Yes    

Suitable for beginners?  Yes

Any Prerequisites?  Yes – Be Open to Possibilities – Be open and prepared to look at your own shadow side and heal yourself – Be prepared to let go of your old beliefs – Be open to change

How many modules are there? 1

How long is the course?  Minimum 1 Month

Can I complete the course sooner?  No

What is included in this Course? E-Manuals x 1 E-Exam Paper x 1, E-Certificate.

Payment Options: EFT, Credit Card, PayPal 

What will I learn? How to Read Body Language – How to spot the Liar – How to know if someone is interested in you – How to know if someone shares your feels/views – How to connect better with people.

Who is this course suited to?   This course is best suited to those with an open mind and an ability to pay attention. Perfect for people in business who need to know how those around you are thinking / feeling and terrific for those who don’t want to be lied to.

If you are a Parent, Partner, Spouse, Business Person, or Sales Person. This course is for you.

Course Syllabus:   Introduction – Spot the Liar – Is this Person interested in me? – The Body’s parts, Face, Head, Shoulders, Arms, Chest, Hips, Legs, and Feet.  What they convey to us.


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