Healing Courses with Authenticity. Crystal, Colour therapist, and Teacher David Ellis is the founder of the Atlantis Institute. He built the Atlantis Centre and created the Atlantis Institute in 2008. The institute facilitated courses and workshops in Crystal Therapy and Colour Therapy. David began his holistic training in 1995 and qualified as a Crystal Therapist in 1997 and Colour Therapy in 1998. He then began working as a Therapist. 


In 2019 David decided to move to Europe to teach a broader audience and set up a healing practice and school. However, shortly after his move, COVID19 took hold of the world and prevented any forward movement for 99% of the population. A time for reflection was upon us. David decided to temporarily migrate his courses to online until the pandemic may pass. “As I write this piece, we are in February 2021, and this pandemic still has a firm grip on humankind”. 

Different types of Education Providers

David’s research into Academia, highlighted two types of education providers in the Holistic teaching world. One type was solely to make money – fully automated, no human interaction, video based, poor quality, beginners courses without real substance or authentic content. These providers created automated online content at very low prices.

The other type of education providers, which represented a fraction of the market, were education providers who loved the world of Crystals and Colour, and lived an authentic life inclusive of both. These latter educators deliver courses of quality, merit and integrity.

David also noticed, that dispite the courses available being titled “Holistic Courses” they did not include the human psychological process. Some courses offered Spiritual healing, some offered a promise of physical healing, but none looked at the possible underlying causes.

David wanted to improve on the scope of teaching and learning and decided to write his own courses on Crystal Therapy and Colour Therapy to encompass both mental wellness and physical well-being.

The Subconscious Mind

Our Subconscious mind is the recorder of all that we are, all that we have seen, all that we have done, all our thoughts and thinking processes, etc. The Subconscious mind is the gateway to the Matrix of unbound energy that surrounds us and permiates our every atom and is our direct connection with Source. Therefore, it is the mainstream to all healing.

David went on to study Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, REIKI and Stress Management to bring a more balanced approach to both his therapy work and his teaching. You can learn more about David’s practice HERE.

One of Davids favourite healing tools are Crystals. He has written many courses on the subject matter & presented several Youtube Videos on the power of Crystals & the Human connection. He has written several articles on Crystals and is working on a new book, The Human Crystal Connection. Links to Articles, Prayers and Videos are HERE.

Always use the best Crystals.

As a Crystal Therapist, David has sourced the finest vibrational Crystals from around the world and sells them on GemzWorld. Click the link and see the amazing array of stunning Crystals for sale.

When working with Students and Clients, David incorporates his own personal experience in empathising with others. He also draws on the wealth of wisdom accumulated from super successes and super failures in the business world.

Encouraging Students

David encourages his students and clients in their healing and personal growth, through empathy, nonjudgement and caring. He is a dedicated specialist in helping people to overcome difficulit issues in both personal and work areas of our lives. Most noteworthy is David’s understanding and empathy in dealing with stress, self-esteem, confidence, addictions and sexuality orientation.

As a Teacher, his approach is “helping the student to heal, so that the student can help others to heal” As a therapist, his approach is Therapist Centred or Therapist Directive, whereby the therapist directs each session and encourages the client to take responsibility for their lives and the steps they need to take, to resolve their inner conflicts.

Healing Courses with Authenticity 

His motto is:

“If I have no honour or integrity – then I have nothing.”