So what are Crystals?

Amethyst programming – The word crystal comes from the ancient Greek word KRUSTALLOS meaning ice. The Ancients believed that clear quartz crystal was water frozen in time. They believed that Crystals had protective powers, healing powers and scrying powers. They wore crystals as talisman jewellery and embedded their swords and shields and armour with protective stones. Big butch warriors wearing crystals. Imagine.

The scientific meaning of crystals is – A solid material whose structure of atoms and molecules are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending in all three dimensions. The scientist has also discovered that crystals have been around for more than 4 billion years. The scientist Marcel Vogel, spend a lifetime proving their power. His research suggested that crystals are neutral objects whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance.

In their pursuit, however, science has not validated their awesome power. They have agreed that quartz carries memory as they have established that the earth rotates around the sun and not the other way around. Science is slow and is in constant learning.

I personally feel that Crystals are living, breathing entities, transmitting, interacting, and pulsating energy and beauty. They can bring healing balance and attune the Body, Mind, and Spirit. They are pure solarised Sunlight which has taken millennia to form within the all-powerful, all nurturing Mother Earth.

Crystals radiate positive energy in a coherent, highly efficient manner, this energy may be transmitted into objects and people at will, and by the same token, the crystals can draw harmful and negative energy from objects and people. Crystals can also form as blocks or protection shields against negative energy, electromagnetic and physic attack. They also remember. Their journey, pain, energy. This is the reason we need to cleanse them. As always with working with crystals, there is a trinity of energy or three components:

Spirit or Source – Human or Self – The Crystal

So how does this trinity work?

We call upon Spirit or Source to draw the connection between Self and Source and Self and the Crystal, and The Crystal and Source. Through the trinity, the Elemental within the Crystal is awakened. This, in turn, fine-tunes our frequency and amplifies our intention.

Our intention is what we want the Crystal to do for us through programming. The whole ritual of Cleansing Crystals is not only about cleansing Crystals, it’s about cleansing self. My Deity of choice in this work is Quan Yin, so replace her name for your chosen in the ritual below

This is what you will need

The Crystal or Crystals to be cleansed, Bowl or Sink, Water, Flower or Bud for your chosen Deity and Candles, Dish for Flower, Statue of your Chosen Deity. (I prefer Quin Yin for this work), Incense, Insane Holder, Lighter, Candles, Saucers for Candles, Hand Towels, Music, Before you begin you must Protect Yourself.

You do this by saying ALOUD the following:

“I am (My Name) x 3, followed by “I AM My Heart” x 3

Then say, “I call upon the Great Arch Angel Michael to stand at the Spiritual Door, keep us safe and minded in our Journey, defend us with your Shield and protect us with your Sword”

Then visualise an egg forming around your body about 12” from you, sealing you inside all around

Say Aloud

I Cleanse and Clear and Seal my Aura to All but my I AM Self and The Christ Consciousness, and so it is. Thank you God”.

Empowering the Water

Bless the Water or charge the Water with Reiki Energy or Love Energy

Remember to take care with some Crystals that cannot be placed in water, such as all Crystals formed in the Secondary process, Malachite, Turquoise, Onyx, Calcite, 

Set up an alter

Light the Candles

Light the Incense from the Candles

Don’t do this if you’re in bad Mood or having a bad day.

Begin the Connection by again saying aloud, “I AM (my name)”x 3 followed by the words and feelings, “I AM My Heart” x 3

Now allow yourself to feel and say aloud, “I Now Invoke The Light of God Within, I AM a clear and perfect Channel, Light is My Guide”.

Now wash the crystals and at the same time, call upon the Deities, Guides & Angels you want to work with

Say aloud

“I call upon (names of Deity) to be present now and work with me through the cleansing process of these crystals and self”

“I call upon the Divas of the Crystalline Kingdom to awaken the Elemental within”

As you Towel Dry the Crystals

Say aloud again

“I cleanse and clear and release this Crystal from all negative power, all negative energy and all negative entities” x 3

Call upon Saint Germaine to take all this dark energy that has been release back to the light by saying aloud

“Saint Germaine, please take all this dark energy, negative entities and darkness through the Violet Fire and back to the light from whence it came”

As Crystals are placed with Care, Love and Reverence on a White or Purple Towel, or onto a Cluster.

You request that Arch Angel Michael will Seal the Crystal, hence holding its neutral pattern

Say Aloud

“Arch Angel Michael, I call upon you now, to place a seal of protection around these Crystals, until programming and preventing negative intrusions”

Amethyst Programming

Amethyst Programming – A Crystal for Protection

Holding the Crystal in your hand

Always saying aloud this wonderful prayer, “I call upon the Divas of the Crystalline Kingdom to empower these crystals with the power of Protection, to protect me in the Physical World and the Etheric world and to ward off all physic attack and darkness and fears and I empower these Crystals to reflect back onto itself all dark matter and all dark energy”.

Through the unity of ONE “I re-awaken the elemental within. I call fort the power of the One.  I bring down the Christ Light Energy and infuse this Energy into the Amethyst Crystals, and so it is”.

Give thanks to the Guides

Say aloud

“ I give grateful thanks to the Guides and Angels that have worked with me today; I give grateful thanks to the Divas of the Crystalline Kingdom, I give thanks to (name the Deity you invoked) I give grateful thanks to Arch Angel Michael and Saint Germaine. And so it is. 

Now your crystals are ready to protect you.

David Ellis

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